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If you care to join, the story is as follows....


William Rourke

(Sheltering Sky: Colorado By Night)


Wiki Site for Game

This is a telnet text game open to the public.

The Management has been involved in 
AD&D 3.5 table-top games for years.

 The Talen Regency Campaign is up and running as of 9/19/15.  The New Campaign page and Journey page is available and will only be changed as rules need clarification. 


The Billboard

The Management would like to acknowledge the origin of some of the fonts, graphics, programs and midis utilized. However many originators have since left the internet or gone out of business. Write

Most  but made with an earlier version.

Campaign Cartographer
I've owned this program since it was sold on diskette. I've never regreted spending the money for it.
The client The Management uses to play the telnet games is found here: MUSHClient

I always was a lover of Jamis Buck's Dungeon Generator, which as most GM's know left the web some time ago. For those that don't know where it is, Mythweavers.com has it updated to 3.5. I have the 3.0 version in this dungeon_win.zip file.

No More Drawing Players Copies Of  Maps By Hand for ME

RP Tools

I also take a moment to make a flagrant plug for RP Map Tool. It's free right now, and as a GM device, I have found it invaluable. No More Drawing Players Copies Of  Maps By Hand for ME or use all that color ink on the printer! I utilize this wonderful tool by running the GM server and one Player on my computer, use the Fog feature and send the player version to my HD TV for the group to see. They love it. I'm one happy camper. Who could ask for anything more? Well the program also uses tokens and also makes a token maker tool that rocks. So far all the symbols I would make on a map (stairs up or down, secret door, traps) has been replaced by tokens always seen by the GM and made visible or invisible to the players. 


I donate. I hope you do too.

In conjunction therewith, I made Combat Tokens for GMs' use that can be found here.

My link for things that shouldn't disappear because they took the Hamsterdance site away.


I'm not particularly patriotic. Nevertheless, when something's right, it's right.
My tribute to 9/11/2001.

Last but not least, The Management would like to acknowledge and thank the host, who sells some swell products... Groonesworld


How kind of you to visit, please call again....